Tomato Blast: characteristics and description of the variety


Tomato Blast was obtained as a result of breeding, which allowed the well-known white variety to be improved. For a new variety of tomatoes, early ripening, high yield and unpretentiousness in care are typical. The following are the features, the order of cultivation and care, reviews, photos, who planted a tomato blast. The variety is recommended for planting in cold climates.

Features grade

Characteristics and description of tomato variety Explosion are as follows:

  • early ripening period;
  • after the appearance of sprouts, the crop is harvested after 105 days;
  • determinant spreading bush;
  • height of tomatoes is from 45 to 60 cm;
  • unpretentious care;
  • high yield regardless of weather conditions.

Fruits of the Explosion variety stand out for their features:

  • roundish ribbed form;
  • weight 120 g, individual tomatoes reach 250 g;
  • dense pulp;
  • bright red color;
  • average dry matter content;
  • small number of cameras.

Yield varieties

One shrub variety of the blast brings up to 3 kg of tomatoes. Fruits ripen at the same time, have good external and taste qualities. These tomatoes can withstand transportation over long distances.

According to its characteristics and description, the variety of tomatoes Blast is used to make salads, juices, mashed potatoes and other dishes. The fruits are suitable for pickling, salting and other home-made products.

Landing procedure

Variety Blast is used for planting in open ground. In areas with a cool climate it is grown in greenhouses.

First you need to get tomato seedlings, which are then moved to the selected area. The variety is suitable for growing seedlessly, then the seeds immediately need to be planted in the ground.

Getting seedlings

Tomato seedlings An explosion is produced at home. Planting work can be carried out from the second half of March. It should be borne in mind that 2 months after the appearance of the sprouts, young tomatoes are transferred to a permanent place.

For tomatoes they prepare the ground, composted. Its properties can be improved by adding peat and coarse sand. It is recommended to pretreat the soil by heating in a microwave oven in order to disinfect it.

Tip! The day before planting, seed is soaked in water and kept warm.

Tomato seedlings require containers up to 15 cm deep. They are filled with earth and planted with rows of tomatoes. Seeds need to be deepened by 1 cm, after which it is good to water the planting. Between plants leave 2-3 cm.

The first few days of the tank should be in a dark place. The warmer the room, the faster the shoots will appear.

Boxes with sprouts put on the windowsill and provide them with light for 10-12 hours. The seedlings are provided with a daytime temperature of 20-22 degrees, at night its value should be 15 degrees. Periodically, tomatoes need to be watered with warm water.

Landing in closed ground

Tomatoes are grown on light fertile soils. For a closed grant, soil preparation is done in the fall. About 10 cm of soil is recommended to completely eliminate. It needs to be dug up, to eliminate the remnants of past cultures and make humus.

Tip! In one place tomatoes are planted every 3 years.

Tomato Blast planted in a greenhouse or greenhouse in mid-May, 60-65 days after planting seeds. At this point, the plants form from 5 to 7 leaves.

Pits with a depth of 20 cm are prepared for planting. A gap of 40 cm is made between the tomatoes. If several rows are organized, then 50 cm are held between them.

Tomatoes are planted in compliance with chess order. So? significantly simplified care of plants that do not interfere with each other.

After planting the tomatoes need to cover the roots with earth and water them abundantly. Over the next 10 days you need to abandon watering and fertilizing, so that the tomatoes have time to adapt.

Outdoor cultivation

Tomato Blast is suitable for growing in open areas, especially under favorable climatic conditions. The beds are located on sunny and elevated places.

For planting in the fall, you need to prepare the beds, which are dug up and fertilized with compost. In the spring, after the snow has disappeared, the soil is deeply loosened.

Tomatoes grow best after certain predecessors: cucumber, onions, beets, legumes and melons. But after tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and eggplants should be planted other vegetables.

2 weeks before planting, hardening of tomatoes is carried out. To do this, they are not a few hours moved to the balcony or loggia. Gradually, the period of stay in the fresh air is increased. Immediately before planting, tomatoes must always be on the balcony.

Tip! The planting scheme of the variety Explosion assumes that 40 cm remains between the plants, and the rows are arranged every 50 cm.

The root system needs to be covered with earth, and then produce abundant watering. The soil needs to be squeezed down.

Grade Care

Tomato Blast is considered unpretentious variety. Fruit setting occurs without additional processing. The variety rarely suffers and is resistant to root and top rot.

By following the rules of care, you can reduce the likelihood of spreading disease. As can be seen from the photo and description, the tomato blast does not need to be staved, however, branches with fruits are recommended to be tied up.

Tomatoes blast able to endure drought. However, the lack of moisture is stressful for plants, therefore, it is recommended to water the tomatoes constantly. Fertilizing plants, which is based on mineral fertilizers, will help to improve fruiting.

Watering tomatoes

Explosion Tomatoes need regular watering. The frequency of moisture depends on the stage of development of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are watered every week, and one plant requires up to 5 liters of water. When forming fruits, watering tomatoes is necessary every 3 days, however, during this period, 3 liters of water is sufficient.

Tip! Tomatoes prefer warm water, which is settled in barrels.

At the summer cottage, tomatoes are watered by hand with a watering can. For extensive plantings equip a drip irrigation system consisting of pipes and water tanks. With its help automatic receipt of moisture is provided.

Watering is done in the morning or in the evening. After the procedure, it is recommended to ventilate the greenhouse to avoid increasing humidity. Tomatoes are not watered during the day, because the sun's rays, when interacting with water and plants, cause a burn.

Feeding scheme

As shown by reviews and photos of those who planted a tomato blast, fertilization has a positive effect on the yield of the variety. For the season, tomatoes are fed 3 times with minerals or with the help of folk remedies.

Nitrogen fertilizer in the form of a liquid mullein is applied before flowering. This feeding stimulates the growth of greenery, so it is used with caution.

Potassium and phosphorus are the most beneficial trace elements for tomatoes. Potassium is responsible for the taste properties of tomatoes. Due to phosphorus in plants, the metabolism is improved and immunity is strengthened.

Tip! A 10 liter bucket of water is taken at 40 g of superphosphate and potassium sulfate.

Top dressing with mineral substances can be alternated with folk remedies. The most effective fertilizer for tomatoes is wood ash. It can be embedded in the ground or used to obtain a solution (50 g of ash on a large bucket of water).

When forming fruits, tomatoes are fed with sodium humate. One spoon of this fertilizer is taken on a large bucket of water. This feed accelerates the ripening of tomatoes.

Gardeners reviews

Elena, 26 years old, Nizhnevartovsk I love to grow vegetables in the country, every year I try to choose new varieties. This time I chose tomato blast according to the photo and description. Seeds planted in mid-April, the seedlings rose very quickly. A month later, already transplanted it into the greenhouse. The height of the bushes was 60 cm, which greatly simplifies the care of them. Tomatoes shot green, there were so many of them that I was afraid that the bush would simply break.

Taisia, 38 years old, Moscow Tomatoes have been grown for several years now, constantly searching for new and tasty varieties. According to reviews, I liked the explosion explosion very much, so I chose them for planting in the greenhouse. The tomatoes themselves have grown to 0.5 m. Compactness is very important to me, because I plant tomatoes in a greenhouse in several rows. The variety turned out to be very tasty, the fruits grew round and bright in color.

Boris, 66 years old, Ufa. The variety of explosions was planted last year in open ground. There were no problems with seedlings, in the fertile soil the seeds quickly rose. The variety was well tolerated even by adverse conditions and summer cooling. Tomatoes did not hurt and gave a good harvest. All varieties, even stunted, tied up. But the pasynkovanie not performed.


Variety Blast is suitable for growing in regions with severe climatic conditions. This variety of tomatoes has a great taste and ripens early. The plant is undersized and does not require staking.