Top dressing strawberries during flowering


You can get a quality crop of any crop only by observing certain requirements of agricultural technology. Garden strawberries are no exception.

In order to feast on fragrant and tasty berries, it is necessary to make an effort. Strawberries are responsive to care, gardeners note high yields with rhythmic observance of the rules of care. One of the important points is considered top dressing. Today we look at the types of dressings for garden strawberries during flowering. It is this lifetime of strawberry bushes that many gardeners drop out of their food schedule.

There is an erroneous opinion that if strawberry bushes bloom, now the plant will cope on its own. And all further care is watering, weeding, removing extra whiskers and loosening. Feeding strawberry ridges is carried out at the beginning of the growing season and in the autumn to prepare the bushes for wintering.

But the nutrient and mineral substances needed by the plant throughout the entire period of his life. The soil reserve of these substances is not enough for many years of growing strawberries in one place. And at the time of flowering and the formation of fruits, bushes will need additional components. However, some gardeners are wondering, is it possible to make additional feeding when strawberries are in bloom? Will there be any harm to the berries from additional fertilizing, because they absorb all the fertilizers applied to the bed?

Top dressing strawberries during the flowering necessarily need. It allows you to significantly increase the yield and improve the quality of berries. They become larger, juicy and fragrant. Such qualities are valued by gardeners in high-quality strawberries.

Feed during the flowering period you need bushes:

  • just planted;
  • already fructifying.

The main stages of feeding strawberries:

  • at the beginning of the vegetative process;
  • at the time of flowering;
  • after the end of fruiting.

What is the value of feeding strawberry bushes at the time of flowering? It provides several important parameters:

  1. Strawberries recover well after the winter period.
  2. The bushes will have more flower stalks and ovaries, because the plant has enough strength to do it.
  3. All the resulting fruit will not disappear, because the bushes have enough nutrients for their development.

The importance of the procedure is clear to us, now it remains to find out how to feed strawberries during flowering.

Choosing formulations for fertilizing strawberries during flowering

The method and type of feeding should be determined depending on the composition of the soil on the strawberry ridges. Most often, agrarians feed bushes with compositions of mineral fertilizers that are easily absorbed by the plant's root system. But there are folk methods - wood ash, chicken manure, boric acid or yeast. At this stage, strawberries need potassium, so the choice of fertilizers is based on the availability of the necessary element.

There are only two main types of dressings - root and foliar. Consider each type of feeding more. But first, find out what are the general rules for feeding culture at the time of flowering. Usually this time falls on May - the beginning of June. Before starting the spring procedure, you need to make some preparations:

  • we clean the bushes from the dried parts;
  • remove a layer of mulch around the plant, if there is one;
  • remove weeds;
  • loosen the soil (for root application of components).

This is necessary to release the roots of the plant, to improve the access of light and air to them, to increase the number of ovaries on strawberry bushes.

Root Fertilizers

This is a convenient way of feeding strawberry bushes, which is familiar to every gardener. The nutrient solution is introduced into the soil so that the necessary substances are delivered through the root system to all parts of the plant.

Feed the bushes carefully. It is necessary to ensure that the composition does not fall on the leaves, and evenly introduced into the ground. For this purpose it is good to use:

  1. Potassium nitrate. To prepare a top-dressing solution, one teaspoon of the substance is enough for a bucket of pure water. On one bush will need 0.5 liters of the finished composition.
  2. The drug "Ovary". Preparation of the solution is carried out strictly according to the instructions attached to the drug. Overdose is not allowed.
  3. Yeast. Gardeners use fresh and dry yeast to feed strawberries at the time of flowering. Consumption of nutrient composition - 5 liters per 10 bushes of garden strawberries. Preparation of the solution from fresh - 1 kg of yeast per 5 liters of clean water. Then the resulting mixture is again diluted with water in the ratio of 1:20. Strawberry bushes are watered with ready fertilizer. Dry yeast is enough one bag for making sourdough. Add sugar, warm water and let it brew for 2 hours. Then pour 0.5 liters of ferment into a watering can and feed the berries.
  4. Bread (wheat or rye). Able to replace the yeast composition completely. Dried bread slices are filled with water and left to ferment. It may take from 6 to 10 days. As soon as the composition is “fermented”, it is squeezed or filtered. Then it is diluted with clean water in the ratio of 1:10 and strawberry bushes are watered. Consumption per plant - 0.5 liters of infusion.
  5. Wood ash. Excellent natural remedy. It is very popular among gardeners. Pour a glass of substance with 1 liter of boiling water, stir and allow to cool. Then strain and use 0.5 liters of infusion to feed one bush of strawberries at the time of flowering.
  6. Korovyak (infusion). Take 2.5 kg of manure and pour 10 liters of water, insist within 24 hours. Then the infusion is mixed and diluted with water in a ratio of 1:20. To get rid of the unpleasant smell, experienced gardeners recommend immediately adding “Baikal” humate to the composition (prior to insisting). For one bush strawberries need 0.5 liters of feeding.
Important! Very carefully bring the infusion of mullein under the bushes, so as not to burn the plant.

Foliar application

This method consists in the irrigation of strawberry bushes with nutrient compositions.

Useful substances are absorbed by the leaf mass, especially their lower part. This should be taken into account when spraying plants. Conduct foliar nutrition in the period of mass appearance of flowers on strawberries. For this, gardeners often use:

  1. Ready-made fertilizer formulations. Rubin, Hera, Agros preparations proved to be excellent for dressing strawberries at the time of flowering. How to prepare the solution is described in detail on the package, adhere to the recommended dosages.
  2. Zinc sulfate. Preparing 0.02% solution for spraying strawberries.
  3. Potassium nitrate is also suitable for foliar sprayings. It is necessary to take a teaspoon of the drug in 5 liters of water and process strawberry bushes.
  4. Yeast. The recipe of the solution is the same as for root application.
  5. Infusion of fresh nettle. Finely chop the grass, put it in a bucket and fill it with hot water (50 ° C). Insist for a day, then diluted with water in the ratio of 1:10 and spend foliar feeding of strawberries at the time of flowering.
  6. Boric acid (pharmaceutical preparation). A small pinch of powder is enough for a bucket of water. Stir the mixture and spray the strawberries.
  7. Fermented milk products (kefir, whey). They bring not only nutritional benefits, but also contribute to acidification of the soil. This is important for gardeners who have alkaline soil in the area. The second advantage of such feeding is that mites and aphids "do not like" it. Products are diluted with water (1: 1) and fed strawberries. The composition has a disadvantage. He can not provide good nutrition strawberries during its flowering. Therefore, it is necessary to add treatment infusion of nettle, mullein or bird droppings.
  8. Complicated composition. For this feeding will need several components. They are diluted in 10 liters of water and spend foliar spraying. You need to take 2 grams of potassium sulphate and potassium permanganate, 1 gram of boric acid and a bag of any complex fertilizer for garden strawberries.

Useful tips

Naturally, of course, have a great popularity.

They are available, they are easy to prepare yourself, and such solutions are environmentally safe.

Top dressing at the time of flowering do one of the ways and the selected composition. Find the best for your site. All recipes are given for selection, not for simultaneous use.

Organic fertilizer is applied only in a diluted state. Strawberries love fertilizing with natural organic matter, but overdosing will lead to dire consequences.

At the time of the root feeding, the soil should be wet. Best of all, if you feed the strawberries after the next watering or rain.

Extra root introduction do in a dry sunny weather, but not in hot midday.

Any dressing will not bring stress to the plant, if you do it in the evening or early in the morning before the onset of heat.

Standard dosages are designed for sandy loam and light loamy soil. Analyze the soil of your site to select the most appropriate strawberry feed at the time of flowering.

Properly completing the feeding, you will significantly improve the condition of strawberry bushes and yield index. Will help the berries become more beautiful, tastier and more fragrant. This result will cover all the time.


Feeding garden strawberries at the time of flowering is an important event for increasing the yield.

But be sure to follow the rules of fertilizing, so as not to harm the plants.

The most basic rule is reasonable expediency. You should not be zealous and increase the proportions or the number of dressings of strawberries during the flowering period. Enough one procedure at the time of the appearance of peduncles. Otherwise, you can disturb the natural acid-base balance of the soil, which will affect the development of strawberries. An overdose of nutritional components is better to prevent than to deal with it.