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How to choose a snow shovel on wheels


In winter, the owners of private houses and country sites rest: all work in the garden and in the garden stop. The only thing that every citizen of Russia has to do periodically is to clean the yard from the snow. Winters are different: sometimes there is enough broom or broom, in another year you have to get a special snow shovel with a wide bucket. Or maybe this is not enough, then a special snow removal technique will come in handy.

About the simplest mechanized device for snow removal - shovel on wheels - and will be discussed in this article.

What are snow shovels?

Of course, the most productive option is considered to be a bulldozer or a mini-tractor, capable of coping with huge snow masses in a matter of minutes, and to do this almost without any effort on the part of man. However, in a private household, a snow tractor is rather an excess, because here the territory is rather limited.

Most often, residents of the private sector to combat snow use such devices:

  1. Flat wooden or metal shovels on a long handle, which is convenient to scrape off even a frozen crust and remove frost.
  2. Plastic bucket hand shovels that are lightweight and large capacity. With such devices it is convenient to scoop loose snow, to remove large shafts and snow drifts.
  3. In more complex cases, use of auger snow removal devices capable of capturing snow on their own and clearing it to the side with the help of a screw screw resembling the inside of a meat grinder. However, such devices are suitable only for a thin layer of snow; the augers will not be able to cope with ice.
  4. Snow shovels on wheels are a practical solution for owners of large yards and country estates. Thanks to this technique, the back of a person is unloaded, all that is required of him is to send a self-propelled shovel in the right direction.
Attention! The design of devices on wheels can vary significantly: the number of wheels, appearance, size of the bucket and weight.

Classification and models

Machinery with wheels allows you to clear very large areas of snow, and this is done without much stress for humans. Models of snow shovels for snow removal can be equipped with a motor, but such devices will cost more.

The most simple wheel mechanisms - manual type. Such a technique should be pushed by a person, a shovel moves on the principle of a trolley.

There are some of the most common designs of shovels on wheels:

  • A four-wheeled snow shovel is often called a mini-bulldozer. It consists of a metal frame, on each side of which a wheel is mounted. There is a large metal blade ahead. You can adjust the angle of the blade, thereby collecting snow in one or the other side of the equipment. The heavy four-wheeled cart can work even with wet and packed snow.
  • The simplified model has only two wheels, in appearance it resembles a garden wheelbarrow. Such a shovel is less productive, but it is easier to work with it. If irregularity occurs on the coating, the person simply lifts the blade to avoid a blow.
  • The most modern model is called the "snow wolf". It looks a little ridiculous, but in fact it proved to be great. The one-wheel snow blower and plastic bucket is very maneuverable and lightweight, easy to operate. This technique is convenient to clear the narrow paths and hard-to-reach places in the yard.
Important! The next step in the “evolution” of snow shovels is the electric model, but this technique is much more expensive.


Almost all snow buckets on wheels, which can be found in domestic stores, are made in Russia. Not an exception and model of the company "Electromash".

This metal model has its own characteristics, such as:

  • simple construction;
  • blade of solid steel, 2 mm thick;
  • rubber wheels;
  • the possibility of turning the bucket dump;
  • the ability of the handle to change the height and slope, adapting to the height of the person;
  • the presence of a hard corner, thanks to which the shovel will not crash into the snow.

The width of the bucket with this shovel on wheels is 0.7 meters, which allows cleaning not only tracks, but also wider streets or yards from snow. The whole structure weighs about 11 kg, which, thanks to the rubber wheels, is almost not felt.


The design of the company "Bulldozer" is more productive, since the bucket of this model is wider - 80 cm. A person of absolutely any build and level of physical fitness will be able to control the equipment on wheels.

The model has its advantages:

  • scraper mounted on the bucket will help to cope with the icy crust and protect the bucket from damage;
  • the whole structure is made of metal, which significantly extends its service life and increases strength;
  • The blade can be adjusted by stopping in several positions (extreme right or left position or horizontal);
  • the handle can also be adjusted both in height and angle of inclination.

Attention! It is quite possible to make a snow blower on wheels with his own hands. To do this, you will need a metal pipe or area for the handle and frame, a pair of wheels from an old cart or a children's bicycle, sheet steel or a large diameter pipe (about 40-50 cm) for making a bucket.


A shovel on wheels will be a great helper in snow removal. It is especially useful where the winters are harsh, with frequent blizzards and snowfall, as well as suitable for owners of large suburban areas. Working with a mechanized shovel is much easier and faster than the usual manual one.