Commander plus for processing potatoes before planting: reviews


When growing potatoes, one of the main problems faced by any gardener is the protection of potato bushes from the attacks of various pests and, above all, the Colorado potato beetle. This overseas guest, who has been living in our area not too long ago, since only the 50s of the last century, has already managed to get pretty annoyed by his gluttony and gluttony.

If you do not fight with him, he is able to destroy all the planting of potatoes in one season, and then switch to other garden plants of the nightshade family: tomatoes, eggplants, sweet peppers, physalis and others. Therefore, what ways are not only invented by gardeners to combat this glutton and protect their potato plantations.

Very many so-called folk remedies are completely ineffective, and no matter how sad, but you have to seek help from chemical drugs. Currently, several dozen different drugs have been registered to fight the Colorado potato beetle, but even among them it is difficult to find a drug that would act with 100% efficiency. One of these drugs is the Commander.

At least, the reviews about him are mostly very positive.

Description and characteristics of the drug

Commander is a contact-intestinal insecticide that has a systemic effect. That is, when applied to different parts of the plant, it is able to quickly penetrate into plant cells and spread to all plant organs. Usually their action is not as fast as that of contact drugs, but it is longer and more reliable.

Commander is considered quite effective against a variety of sucking and gnawing insect pests: Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, polar bear, aphids, thrips, wireworms, listobloshka and many others. Its action is based on the fact that having penetrated into the body of the pest, it completely blocks its nervous system. Because of this, insects cannot eat, move, and soon die. Commander acts equally well on both adult insects and larvae.

Important! The great advantage of the Commander is that insects have not yet developed an addiction to it. Although, as practice shows, this may be a temporary effect.

The main active ingredient of the Commander is imidacloprid, vrk 200g / l.

The following forms of treatment using the Commander can be used to eliminate insect pests:

  • Spraying;
  • Watering the soil;
  • Seed and tuber processing.

Commander is a water-soluble concentrate. It is packaged usually in small containers: ampoules in 1 ml and vials in 10 ml.

The drug Commander has the following advantages:

  • Is a systemic drug, provides long-term protection of planted potato bushes for 20-30 days.
  • Economical to use: for the processing of 10 acres only 10 ml of the drug is needed.
  • Effectively acts against many types of insect pests.
  • Does not cause resistance.
  • It retains high protective properties even in hot weather, which is important for residents of the southern regions.
  • Retains stability even in rainy weather.

Commander refers to substances that represent a moderate danger to humans (3rd hazard class).

A warning! For bees, the active substance of the Commander is very dangerous, so the processing can not be carried out during the flowering of potatoes.

When working with the drug, it is necessary to observe the usual security measures for such substances: protect the skin of the body with protective clothing, shoes, gloves, goggles and a respirator. In no case do not use food dishes to prepare the working solution. At the end of the treatment, you need to wash your hands and face with soap, be sure to rinse your mouth and wash your clothes.

The use of Commander for processing potato tubers

After a detailed acquaintance with the instructions for the use of the Commander, many may not already want to get involved in spraying potato bushes. Moreover, for this it is necessary to wait for the onset of ideal calm weather. It is here that gardeners come to the aid of a remarkable property of this drug.

Attention! Commander is able to protect future potato bushes from the Colorado potato beetle and other pests by treating potato tubers before planting.

It is only necessary to take into account that the protective effect of the drug is not very long, about 20-30 days. According to the manufacturer, the protective effect of the Commander is preserved in the period from the first shoots to the appearance of 5-6 leaves on the potato bush.

Tip! Subsequently, it will be necessary to take any additional measures to protect the potato from the Colorado potato beetle.

So, the processing of planting tubers by the Commander is carried out immediately before planting them into the ground. To obtain 10 liters of the prepared working solution, act as follows: dilute 2 ml of Commodore preparation in one liter of water. Then, with constant stirring, the solution volume is adjusted to 10 liters. After this, germinated potato tubers prepared for planting are laid out on a flat surface, preferably covered with a film. And carefully spray them on the one hand with a working solution of Commander. Gently turning the tubers on the other side, sprayed again. After that, a little dried potato tubers, they can be planted in the ground.

Interestingly, the Commander is quite possible to mix with many growth regulators and fungicides, such as Appin, Zircon, Maxim. A warning! Only mixing with drugs having an alkaline reaction is contraindicated.

Therefore, before you set up experiments, you must carefully study the instructions.

Commander plus

To make life easier for gardeners and summer residents even a few years ago, the modified drug Commodore Plus was released. Its main purpose is precisely the processing of potatoes before planting. As part of there are two flakonchik: one with the Commander, the other with Energen AQUA. Energen Aqua consists of potassium salts of humic acids and is used to increase the yield of potatoes, protection from stressful conditions. It also helps to reduce the amount of nitrates in potatoes grown. To prepare the working solution in a small amount of water, first the necessary amount of Energen AQUA is dissolved, then the Commander, and the solution is brought to the required volume with constant stirring. The resulting solution is used for processing potatoes in the same way as the usual Commander.

Reviews on the use of Commander

Commander is quite popular among gardeners and gardeners, so the reviews about him are mostly positive. But they use it more often for spraying and protecting the already grown potato bushes from the Colorado potato beetle. However, there are those who processed Commander potato tubers before planting.

Larisa, 38, Belorechensk. I have been fighting with the Colorado for a very long time. You can, of course, collect them manually, but they are really disgusting in appearance, especially their larvae. You can use numerous folk remedies, but my experience shows that beetles continue to live, despite all the sprinkling and spraying. You can still make guinea fowls - these are the birds that feed on these beetles. But they, too, need to be fed and looked after them - in general, it will not work. It remains only to use chemistry, at least it is effective. What I just did not try and tablets, and capsules, and powders. It turned out that the most convenient and efficient is liquid concentrates. And for several years now I have been using the Commander. While he did not let me down. I advised friends to everyone and they seem to be happy too. The package has a very convenient measuring cup, and I use it to measure the right amount. We have planted about three acres of potatoes. They all lack just one bucket. And in it only 2 ml of this tool. I spray it, and when I come and check it the next day, I don’t find the bugs. More precisely, they lie, but already all dead under the bushes - both the larvae and adults. Yes, on the packaging I read that the substance is not washed off by rain. Unfortunately, this is not true. It is washed away, so after the rain it is better to repeat everything. The Commander is kept for 3 years, so next year, I hope, enough is enough.

Sergey, 44 years old, Morshansk. I bought a Commander in a store, so the saleswoman reported that buyers say that it’s effective when you plant 2 bottles in 3 buckets. Well, I don't need so much. I wanted to try to process the tubers first, and then we'll see. He spread everything according to the instructions, sprinkled it, it seems, as it should. I dried it and on the same day my brother and I quickly planted it. We have a small vegetable garden, under the potatoes weave two gone. The potato came up normally, I even forgot about it. Several times came up - indeed, there seems to be no beetle. Well, I relaxed. And when it bloomed, I look - and they are already there. For the sake of experiment, I decided to leave half of the bushes as is, and another to sprinkle again with the same Commander, only after the spring treatment. So, those potato bushes, which we processed, remained intact. But others still ate the Colorado well.

Olga, 48 years old, Lipetsk. I usually plant and seed it before sowing, and I dig it up, and I try to soak it in all kinds of stimulants, fertilizers. And then I was told that, it turns out, it is possible to pickle it in such a way that the Colorado will not work well either. Though it was scary at first, I decided to try it. Bought what I was advised, called the Commander. Everything spread out according to the instructions. A lot of trouble, of course, with processing, while you spray them all. But I planted and wait. Potatoes ascended, everything is fine. It has already become warmer, the weather has completely improved, but there is no beetle. I even could not believe at first with my happiness. But closer to the flowering, he still appeared. I had to sprinkle it again with the same remedy, well at least it remains. And more until the digging potatoes, I did not see him. So, I think, a good tool, this Commander. And the smell of it is the opposite. Although still need to defend.


Obviously, the drug Commander copes well with his responsibilities for the protection of potatoes. Of course, one should not expect miracles from him. But when choosing the appropriate protection of potatoes from various pests, and especially from the Colorado potato beetle, you should pay attention to this drug.