Cucumber Emerald earrings f1: reviews, features


In recent years, a group of cucumbers has appeared, attracting the views of an increasing number of gardeners and gardeners. And if only recently, puck cucumbers were grown only by professionals and lovers of the exotic, but now a lot of amateur gardeners cannot get past this novelty. Cucumber Emerald Earrings also belongs to this group. And many, having tried to grow this variety, are faced with the fact that it does not always work in real life to match the characteristics that the manufacturer gives to their products. What is the secret of growing beam or, as they are sometimes called, bouquet cucumbers?

Description of a grade, characteristics

First you need to get acquainted with what is a variety of cucumbers Emerald earrings.

This is a hybrid, which was created by the breeders of the Moscow agrofirm "Gavrish". In 2011, it was included in the State Register of Russia with recommendations for cultivation both in open ground and in all types of greenhouse in all regions of Russia.

  • The hybrid is early ripening, it takes 42-45 days from germination to the appearance of the first cucumbers.
  • Refers to parthenokarpicheskomu type, that is, does not require pollination for the formation of cucumbers.
  • Cucumber Plants Emerald earrings f1 are vigorous, indeterminant (i.e., having unlimited growth), branching is average, they bloom exclusively with female flowers.
  • Hybrid cucumber Emerald earrings form from eight to ten ovaries in the nodes of the shoots. Productivity due to this property in a hybrid is fantastic - from 12 to 14 kg per square meter.
  • Fruits of a dark green color, a cylindrical form, weighing from 100 to 130 grams. The average size of a cucumber is 8-10 cm. This variety has such a feature that it is ideal for picking pickles (fruits 3-5 cm long, harvested 2-3 days after the formation of ovaries) and gherkins (fruits 5-8 cm, going to 4-5 days after the formation of ovaries).
  • Peel cucumbers with medium-sized tubercles with whitish stripes and spotting. The fruit has dense pubescence and white spiny thorns. Due to this, it is recommended to pick cucumbers in gloves.
  • Cucumbers Emerald earrings are versatile to use - they are equally good in salads, as well as in various pickles and marinades. The taste of cucumbers is excellent.
  • This hybrid is resistant to the main diseases of cucumbers: powdery mildew, brown spot, cucumber mosaic virus, root rot and bacteriosis.

Reviews gardeners

And what do gardeners say - lovers about this hybrid of cucumbers? After all, many have already been seduced by the number of cucumbers, which even one bush of Emerald earrings can give.

Lyudmila, 47 years old, Izhevsk. I planted cucumbers last year. Emerald earrings, the name is too attractive, and the picture too. Indeed, 8-10 ovaries formed on each bush, but 1-2 of them developed from the strength of more or less full-fledged cucumbers, while the rest of the ovaries dried out safely. So I do not know what to think. They say these cucumbers should be somehow specially taken care of. Vladimir, 50 years old, Orenburg, My wife and I planted a new hybrid of cucumbers with my wife in Emerald earrings from Gavrish. Of the 10 seeds, only eight came up. When it got warmer, the greenhouse was opened for airing. Well, of course, they poured it regularly with warm water, everything, as usual, and nothing more was done. The beds in our greenhouse are warm, the organics have been laid since autumn, so we didn’t even feed them anything. And they grew up so that all the summer they ate their cucumbers. And we, by the way, 6 people in the family. So eight bushes were enough for the whole summer, so look what the yield is. The taste of cucumbers is wonderful, no bitterness is felt. Everyone liked it, so we will plant it further. Galina, 52, Saratov I would like to boast about my cucumbers, too, emerald earrings are called, the sellers advised me, but I did not regret that I planted it. They are early, very productive, there are really a lot of cucumbers, they constantly ripen and bear fruit, there are no barren flowers, and they look like nice ones. Crisp and straight sweet. The only thing I didn’t like was that they weren’t very good at salting, but freshly cracking them was the nicest thing. And in the salad, these cucumbers, of course, are wonderful. Hope, 37 years old, Bryansk Sazhala I had a variety of cucumbers last year called Emerald Earrings. Unusual such. Not 1-2 pieces, as usual, grow from a single axlet, as much as 8, or even 10 pieces of cucumbers. True, prickly, I had to wrap my hands with a towel to collect them, but I do not think this is a big problem. And they taste great! Igor, 35, Smolensk Sazhal among other things and cucumbers "Emerald Earrings" from Gavrish. Good grade, on a solid four. At first, it was impossible to get a normal harvest from them, half of the ovaries withered, and then friends advised what to do. All side shoots from the very bottom of the cucumber bush should be pinned after the second or third leaf. And the more ovaries, the shorter the lateral escape, I do not pinch the central shoot - I leave it as it is. At first, without pinching, I have a sea of ​​ovaries and almost immediately half falls off, but as prompted with pinching, I have no place to put cucumbers right away. Anastasia, 28, Tyumen . They have small fruits, neat ones, they do not require pollination, in general, they are wonderful for salads and for salting. Last year there was a sea of ​​cucumbers, all summer just overeat them.

Features agrotehnika

So, judging by the reviews, the yield and taste characteristics of cucumbers Emerald earrings are beyond praise, only you can’t grow them properly.

Cucumber seeds Emerald F1 earrings do not need additional processing, such as soaking in growth stimulants, as they undergo a full preplant preparation from the manufacturer.

The seedling period is practically no different from the cultivation of cucumbers of other varieties. As usual, cucumber seedlings are grown in separate containers in order not to disturb the overly earthy lump during transplantation.

Theoretically, cucumbers Emerald earrings can be grown in the open field, but still in greenhouse conditions it will be much easier for them to reach their full potential and give the maximum yield.

Days after 10-12 before the planting of cucumber seedlings, add additional fertilizers to the soil of the greenhouse: about 12 kg of compost and 2 tablespoons of complex mineral fertilizer per square meter of soil. A day before planting the bed spills abundantly. Cucumber seedlings are planted in one row at a distance of at least 40-50 cm from each other. High air humidity (up to 90%) is required for the growth of ovaries in the nodes. The air temperature should be about + 28 ° C for flowering, and about + 30 ° C for fruiting.

As soon as the warm weather is finally established, tie the cucumber seedlings to the trellis. To do this, it is best to stretch the two wires at a two-meter height parallel to each other, at a distance of 30-40 cm. The rope is tied to the wire from one side and fixed to the bottom of the cucumber seedlings on the other. The next plant is also tied up, but already to another parallel wire, and so on, alternating them. Twice a week, the rope needs to be wrapped around a growing cucumber bush.

The following main procedure is the formation:

First, you need to mentally divide the entire cucumber bush into 4 zones vertically. In the first zone from the ground, including the first 4 leaves, you need to remove all the shoots and female flowers in the leaf axils. After the first bunch of cucumbers is tied up in the next zone 2, pinch the side shoots, but leave 2 leaves on them. In the third zone, it is also necessary to pinch all side shoots, leaving only three leaves on them. At the moment when the main central shoot grows to the top wire, wrap it around it, and, having waited for several leaves and a bunch of cucumbers to grow from above, you must also pinch the top of the main shoot.

Watering cucumbers Emerald earrings should be carried out daily in hot sunny weather with strictly warm water. Fertilizing organic every 2 weeks. Bird droppings should be diluted 1:20, mullein divorced 1:10. Top dressing of cucumbers is made immediately after watering.

During the period of bud opening and mass flowering, cucumbers Emerald earrings will not prevent spraying with anti-stress drugs, such as Appin, Zircon, HB-101.

To grow cucumbers Emerald earrings and get a wonderful full harvest at the same time is quite possible, you just need to remember the rules for the care that were outlined above.