Tomato Japanese Truffle


Tomato variety "Japanese truffle" has not yet gained great popularity among gardeners. He appeared relatively recently, but some have already experienced the novelty. You must admit that such an unusual name cannot but attract attention. But the peculiarity of this variety is not only in the exotic name. Due to its density, the fruits of the “Japanese Truffle” are excellent for various types of preservation. Also, these tomatoes have an interesting shape that looks like a truffle. Those who have never seen truffles, they are more likely to resemble a light bulb.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the characteristic and description of the tomato variety “Japanese truffle”. Each of you can make your own conclusions, whether it is worth growing it or not.

Characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato "Japanese truffle" refers to the indeterminate varieties. This means that the main stem of such tomatoes can continuously grow. Tomato is not high-yielding. From the bush it will be possible to collect no more than 4 kg of tomato, on average - 2-3 kg. According to the ripening period of the fruit, the tomato belongs to mid-season species. From seed germination to the appearance of the first tomatoes, 110-120 days pass. “Japanese truffle” has a high disease resistance, so you can not worry about the fact that the harvest will be lost due to diseases and pests.

This variety of tomato is suitable for warm climates. If you live in the northern regions, it is better to plant tomato truffles in the greenhouse. In it, it can grow up to 2 meters in height, and in open ground only up to 1.5 m. Of course, such tall bushes need garter and pasynkovanii. Fruit weight can reach up to 200 grams. Tomatoes are pear-shaped with longitudinal ribs. Up to 5 brushes can form on the stem, on each with 5-6 fruits grow.

Tip! It is better to leave only 3 brushes for full ripening, and to rip off the rest of the fruits with green ones and leave them for ripening in a warm place. This will allow tomatoes to grow to the desired size and accelerate development.


Tomatoes varieties "Japanese truffle" are divided into several varieties. Characteristics and description of the variety remain unchanged, the types are different in color and have their own taste characteristics. So, the variety of tomatoes "Japanese truffle" is divided into the following varieties:

"Japanese red truffle"

It has a rich red color with a brown tint. The color is very beautiful, glossy. The fruit has a sweetish taste, has a slight sourness. Great for conservation.

“Japanese black truffle”

The shape of the fruit and the general characteristics is no different from others. The color is more like brown than black. It has a more refined taste.

"Japanese pink truffle"

It does not have any special differences. Is that, the taste is a little sweeter.

"Japanese golden truffle"

It has a rich yellow color with a golden hue. The fruit has a sweet taste, even something like a fruit.

"Japanese orange truffle"

Very similar to the golden look. Only the color is deeper, sunny orange.

As seen in the photo, the fruits have almost the same shape.

All varieties of this variety are suitable for transportation and long-term storage, thanks to its dense skin. After standing a little, tomatoes are even sweeter. Perfectly suited for fresh consumption, as well as for preservation whole and in the form of tomato products.

Cultivation and care

Tomatoes need to be grown in 1-2 stems. When staving leave only 5-6 brushes. If you leave more, the fruits will develop poorly. For full ripening, only 2-3 brushes are left, and the remaining fruits are picked green, for further ripening. When grown in a greenhouse, you can get a greater harvest than in the open field. The bush will be much higher, and the fruits more.

Sowing on seedlings begins in late March and early April. Planted in the ground at the end of May. If you grow tomatoes in the greenhouse, you can start at the beginning of the month. Then by the middle of June you will be able to collect the first fruits. Planting seedlings must be at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The distance between the rows should also be at least 40 cm.

Important! Bushes will need to be tied up often. Due to heavy brushes may appear cracks. So it is desirable to tie up the brush, and not just the stem itself.

Young stepchildren appear very quickly, you need to get rid of them in time. Like all other varieties of tomatoes, needs moderate watering. Do it better in the evening. Water for watering to defend, it should not be cold. From time to time, loosen the soil and destroy weeds. Do not forget to air the greenhouse. For better yields need to carry out fertilizer soil.

According to the characteristic and description of the variety, these tomatoes have a high disease resistance. They tolerate cold and are not amenable to fungal diseases. One of them is late blight. He most often destroys the tomato crop. But, with the "Japanese truffle" this will not happen.

Growing "Japanese truffle" is a snap. As you can see, it is not whimsical and has quite a good yield. The characteristic and the description of this grade guarantees resistance to various diseases. Tomatoes are very well kept after harvest. If you have not grown these tomatoes, try and you will not regret!


Nadezhda, 50 years old, Belgorod Tomatoes “Japanese truffle” really liked. It was grown yellow tomatoes. I can say that they are much tastier than other varieties of yellow tomatoes. The taste is more sweet and tender. Canned with tomatoes of other colors, very original look in the bank. But for other types of conservation is not suitable. I tried to make adjika: my family did not like the yellow color, and no one tried it. You need to get used to it. But for the rest, I was very pleased. Alexander, 46 years old, Saratov “Japanese truffle” is my favorite sort of tomato. I grow it for many years. My good friend gave me the first seeds. I am very glad that I then listened to her opinion. Since then, it is the main in my greenhouses. Bushes grow over 2 meters, bear fruit very generously. But he won our family with his amazing taste. The fruits are moderately sweet, almost no sour taste. For so many years he has not become boring to us, and I think, in the future, too, he will not fail. Already many neighbors transferred to this variety. I advise everyone! Maria, 43 years old, Volgograd. Tomatoes for me chose very carefully. Impressed with the characteristic and description of the variety of tomatoes "Japanese truffle". According to the manufacturer, this species is unpretentious to the conditions, bears fruit for a long time and is very resistant to various fungi and viruses. Soot in his summer cottage for 4 years. For the first time I bought only seeds of golden color. Everyone liked it so much that the following year they took as many as four kinds: black, red, orange and golden again. Liked everything except red. Not pleased neither taste nor yield. By the way, I noticed that these tomatoes become even tastier during storage. If you pick green, you can enjoy fresh tomatoes until November.

Let's sum up

Probably, there are few varieties of tomatoes, which would be so well responded. Many gardeners have already appreciated the excellent taste of "Japanese truffles". We hope these tips will help you grow excellent tomatoes on your site.