Varieties of decorative peppers


To decorate your window sill, to give the house comfort, and its dishes - a sharp touch, you should plant a decorative pepper. Its predecessor is the Mexican pepper Capsicum annuum. If the plant provides optimal conditions, it will bear fruit throughout the year. There are many varieties of decorative pepper - edible or not, you can read more about them.

Edible peppers in classic red

Peppers sharp decorative come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. When choosing seeds in a store, it is worth paying attention to whether the fruit is edible.

Important! Pepper is a perennial plant; at home it will grow up to 10 years.

The following are some varieties that are suitable for human consumption.

Small miracle

One of the early ripe varieties. The plant brings beautiful and edible fruits slightly elongated shape. Due to the sharpness of these peppers, they are used as a seasoning or for preservation along with other vegetables.

Bush height reaches 50-80 cm. Has the shape of a dome. Fruits, as they mature, change their color: first, the green skin turns purple, then it turns yellow, becomes orange, and finally red.


This variety brings thin, elongated fruit. At first they grow white, yellow or orange, as they mature, they turn red. This decorative pepper grows in length up to 5 cm. It has a pleasant taste, small sharpness. Fruits will be spicy seasoning to homemade dishes.

The plant forms a small bush - only 20-25 cm tall, 15 cm wide. Together with thin peppers it really resembles a jellyfish with short tentacles.

The light

This is a variety of ornamental pepper for growing at home, the first fruits ripen 115-120 days after seed germination. Brings bright red peppers of elongated shape weighing about 45 grams. Fruits are relatively large for indoor plants, the skin is smooth. Peppers have a classic spicy taste. The plant gives not very large, branched shrub.


Refers to the ultra-early varieties. At home, the bush grows up to 35-40 cm in height, when planted in open ground a little larger - up to 50 cm. The variety is characterized by abundant fruiting, and over a long period. Fruits first grow green; as they mature, the skin becomes yellowish or purple, and when it reaches ripeness it turns red.

Peppers have an oblong conical shape, pleasant aroma and pronounced sharpness. When grown at home, the fruit is not so bitter, but in general it does not affect fruiting in any way.


Medium early variety, the crop ripens for 95-108 days. It bears a cone-shaped fruit, their length is 3-4 cm. As they mature, their color changes from green to yellowish, then to red. This decorative pepper is fit for human consumption.

The plant is characterized by high decorativeness. Forms a bush up to 35 cm high, spherical shape. It is often grown at home and used for design. The bush bears fruit long. Peppers can be used as a seasoning, as well as canning or drying.


This perennial forms a bush with a height of 20 cm, round shape. Peppers grow in the form of a cone with a sharp tip, the skin is smooth or slightly ribbed. The fruits have a burning taste, are used for direct consumption, as a spice or for canning. As the pepper ripens, the color turns from dark green to orange. They have a strong aroma.

This variety is often planted for design. The bush grows the correct form, it does not need to be cut. The weight of the fruit is an average of 6 g, the walls are 1 mm thick.

Explosive ember

The plant forms a shrub up to 30 cm in height. Peppers are distinguished by pronounced sharpness, as they mature, their color changes from violet to cream, pink and scarlet. The length of the fruit is up to 2.5 cm, they ripen after 115-120 days after the seeds of the pepper sprout. A distinctive feature of this plant is the leaves of dark purple color.


A kind of berry pepper, the fruits are shaped like a bell or a miniature squash. The walls of pepper sweetish taste, white heart with seeds sharp. The weight of one fruit reaches 60-100 g. 150 days pass from the emergence of seedlings to the first harvest. Plant requires pasynkovanie. Branches and leaves have pubescence.


We can say that it is the most compact decorative pepper. The height of the bush is only 15 cm, and for its cultivation at home is enough capacity of 1 liter. Peppers smazhnegguie taste, round shape. Their color also changes as they mature, turning from green to yellowish, then orange, and at the end becomes red.

Filius Blue

This variety brings fruits of a violet-blue shade, which become red as it ripens. The bush is compact, only 20 cm tall. Fruits throughout the year, a bountiful harvest. For him, factors such as good light, frequent watering and fertile soil are important. Such a bitter pod is suitable for spicing up homemade dishes.


This variety forms a medium-sized shrub with a height of 30-35 cm. Its fruits have an oblong shape and grow to a length of 7.5 cm. The highlight of this plant is the peppers are tucked into the bush and resemble the petals of an unusual flower in the photo. As they mature, they acquire a classic red color.

The very name of this variety is taken from a common plant in Western countries. This is Euphorbia beautiful, which is otherwise called Poinsettia.


Belongs to mid-season varieties with abundant and long-term fruiting. It forms a compact shrub up to 30 cm in height. The fruits first have a soft cream color, and upon reaching biological ripeness, they acquire a bright red color. Pepper hot and fragrant, excellent seasoning for homemade dishes. Used for canning and powder manufacturing. It grows year-round at home, in the summer you can take the plant to the balcony.

Multicolored decorative peppers

Although hot pepper is associated mainly with the bright red color in the photo, there are many decorative varieties with fruits of other colors. If you want to plant a plant with edible peppers of original shades at home, you should pay attention to the varieties listed below.


This variety can be grown on a windowsill in a regular flower pot. It has the fruits of the original yellow diamond shape. One of the edible hot peppers, while the sharpness falls mainly on the white heart, and the walls can be simply sweet.

Queen of spades

Evergreen with a compact bush. It tolerates shading. The height of the bush is about 25 cm, the shape is rounded. Brings purple fruit. The peppers are tasty, spicy and fragrant, ideal as a seasoning, used for canning.

Inedible ornamental varieties

In fact, not every decorative pepper can be eaten. There are a number of varieties whose fruits are inedible, but they are pleasing to the eye and create comfort in the room.


The plant forms a small shrub up to 35 cm in height. It bears a round or slightly elongated fruit, their color may be yellow, orange or red. Peppers remain on the bush for 2-3 months. The most abundant fruiting is observed in the bright sun.


Variety with inedible, but very beautiful fruits. They grow in the form of yellow pods about 5 cm long. The shrub itself is small in size, 25 cm high. The plant is light-loving, abundantly bears fruit on the window sill on the sunny side. You can sow the seeds of this decorative pepper in any fertile soil.


To grow at home one of the above varieties, you need to follow a few simple rules. You will need to maintain a temperature regime of about 25 degrees, place the plant on a sunny windowsill and regularly ventilate the room to ensure fresh air.