Where cloudberry grows in Russia


Cloudberries are a delicious, unique berry that is practically not amenable to artificial cultivation. But at the same time it is very useful and has an original taste. Many have a false idea of ​​how cloudberry grows in Russia. Nevertheless, this beauty of vitamins can be found not only in the cold zone, but also in other places.

What does cloudberry look like?

Cloudberry is a perennial plant reaching a height of 30 cm. It is not a shrub, but a grassy plant. The flowers are small, white. It blooms from late May to June. The berries in the period of maturity have a golden yellow color. The taste of the fruit is sweet and sour. On examination, they are quite similar to raspberries and blackberries. Fruits are used for eating raw and for processing into jam, jam, and various compotes. The leaves of the bush are uneven. Fruits grow on a bush one by one on a branch, and therefore it will not be possible to immediately pick a whole handful.

Marsh berries grow in thickets, and it can be difficult to find. Please be aware that red is a sign of immaturity. The whole period of the harvest of the northern harvest is up to 14 days. During this time, you can collect several buckets of such vitamins. The optimal time for collection is morning or evening in dry weather. The fruits are collected with sepals, of which then make decoctions that have healing properties. Cloudberries grow in the swamp, but it is a close relative of the well-known raspberry. If you pick the berries in a slightly underripe condition, then they are better able to store. It is possible to use not only fruits, but also leaves of a plant in a dry form.

In what natural zone does cloudberry grow?

Cloudberry's natural habitat is tundra. This is a cold-loving plant, which is comfortable to grow in those regions where there is a long winter and a very short summer. Feels great in the northern regions of the forest-tundra. Does not tolerate strong winds and torrential rains. And also the temperature drop is destructive for her. Crop tolerates frost better than sudden changes in temperature.

The plant prefers soils with high humidity, marshy. And also this beauty grows in mountainous areas, on plains and barrows.

On which continents cloudberries grow

Russia is not the only country where cloudberries grow. She feels great in Finland, Sweden, England, Denmark, Canada. Occurs in some states of America.

In Sweden, the plant is very popular, and collect it from July to early October. Depending on the region, the berries ripen in the country in stages and even residents of many CIS countries come to harvest.

The northern plant has a huge amount of useful properties, including vitamin C, strengthens the nervous system. The fruits of the northern beauty - a natural antioxidant, helps to recuperate and fight stress.

Where cloudberry grows in Belarus

Cloudberries in Belarus are so rare that they are listed in the Red Book of the Republic. It grows in the marshes of Belarus, but it is forbidden to collect. Cloudberry lives in the natural zone of the Republic of Belarus only in the marshland, where it is spread over a solid carpet. Reproduction is facilitated by wood-grouse, which, when eaten, spread undigested seeds. This herb is found in the following areas of Belarus:

  1. Vitebsk region.
  2. North of Minsk region.

It is important to preserve this species, since it is found in Belarus less and less. The northern berry in these latitudes survives and multiplies with difficulty, because Belarus is not as cool as this product requires. The distribution of cloudberries on the map increases precisely to the northern regions.

Where cloudberry grows in Russia

Cloudberry berry grows in many northern regions of Russia. These are tundra and forest-tundra, as well as swamps and forests of Siberia, where there are suitable conditions for the growth and maturation of the plant. Despite the fact that the plant itself easily tolerates cold, it has a number of climate requirements. First of all, the plant does not like strong winds, and therefore creeps along the carpet to make it easier to tolerate such weather phenomena. Cloudberry in the tundra feels great, and therefore in Russia it is found in the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, as well as in Karelia, the Volgograd region and even in the Moscow region.

Cloudberry in the Leningrad region: time and places of collection

The Leningrad Region is not a place with ideal conditions for a bog berry, but even there representatives of this plant are found. Where cloudberry grows in the Leningrad region is shown on specialized maps. Mass gathering in the Leningrad region begins around the tenth of July. The best places to collect northern vitamins in the Leningrad region:

  • Kirovsky district;
  • Priozersky district.

You can get to the rich places by train from the Finland Station. Optimal transport - a car that will be able to get to the most interesting and affluent areas.

Where and when cloudberries ripen in Murmansk

It matures towards the end of September. In the northern regions, which are closer to the Arctic, the timing may vary slightly. Fruits should be collected before the frost came, because it does not tolerate frost and changes its taste after the first frost. The best cloudberry in Murmansk is going along roads that lead to Misty-Teriberka.

Since 75% of the Murmansk region is occupied by tundra and forest tundra, and therefore this region is considered popular for fans of this plant. By the way, the inhabitants of the North use the berry for the treatment of scurvy.

Where to collect cloudberries in Arkhangelsk

Arkhangelsk belongs to the northern regions of Russia with suitable climatic conditions and soil standards for the berries in question. Meeting places in Arkhangelsk:

  • Primorsky District;
  • Krasnoborsky district;
  • Kargopol district.

You can just go by car and find places in the surrounding swamps. Photos of cloudberries from Arkhangelsk are spread all over the Internet, the crop there is usually good and ripens completely, because the climatic conditions are optimal.

Cloudberry gathering places in Karelia

In Karelia, the northern berry is found on the forest edges, in sunny places and ripens by the end of June - the beginning of July. There is a plant throughout the country, so there are no specific places on the map. It is better to either ask the locals or just go at random on the navigator in the forests and swamps of the region. In any case, no harvest will be left.

Does cloudberry grow in the Vologda region

It grows in the Vologda region. Cloudberries are harvested in Cherepovets, as well as in the surrounding areas. In the Vologda region there are enough swamps and rather long winters, as well as short summers and suitable temperatures. As a result, lovers of the northern berry can get enough vitamins in the surrounding swamps. By the way, it also has healing properties. Cloudberries in Vologda are well known to the locals, they use it as a harvesting material for the winter, and also use it in its pure fresh form.

Where cloudberry grows in the Novgorod region

The Novgorod region belongs to the Northern regions of Russia, and therefore marsh amber, as this plant is also called, can be found here. Not in such quantity as in Murmansk or Arkhangelsk, but quite enough. Occurs in swamps, damp places near rivers, as well as in the thick of local forests. To collect a bucket of vitamins, you can spend more than one hour, but it's worth it. Avid lovers of northern berries know the most fruitful places, so you can turn to them before traveling. The nutritional and medicinal properties of the berry, as well as its taste parameters, do not change at all, since there are no strong frosts in the Novgorod region. It is possible to use collected riches both in culinary, and in the medical purposes.

Cloudberry gathering places in the Moscow region

The plant is listed in the Red Book of Moscow region, since the number in the Moscow Region is very small. This is due to the fact that conditions can be considered critically appropriate. Winter is not so long, the winds are more often, and there are fewer swamps in the Moscow region. For those who are interested in berry places, there are special maps, where all the swamps and areas with the bog berry are marked.

Cloudberry dates and locations in other regions of Russia

Cloudberries in Siberia are ubiquitous, because there are ideal conditions for it. If we talk about areas closer to Central Russia, then it can be found in the Tver and Pskov regions. Terms - the end of June. This is the beginning of maturation in these areas. Cloudberries grow in the same swamps as cranberries, lingonberries and other lovers of a cool climate. There is no berry in the Southern regions, for example, the Krasnodar Territory or the Rostov Region. There for berries too hot and dry.


Where cloudberries grow, all residents of the Northern regions of Russia and other countries know. But for its collection is required to find a suitable swamp, as well as places where the berry grows in a continuous carpet. For those who know little about how this storehouse of vitamins looks like, it is recommended to look at the cloudberry photos on the Internet.