How to get oyster mushroom


Growing mushrooms at home is a rather unusual occupation. However, many mushroom growers do this very well. They manage to minimize costs by growing mycelium on their own. It happens that suppliers can not give a 100% guarantee about the quality of the goods, and on the appearance of this can not be determined. As a result, the substrate may eventually turn green and the mushrooms will not grow.

Self-cultivation of mycelius saves money and also gives confidence in the future harvest. In this article we will try to reveal all the secrets of this process. You will learn how to make oyster mushroom mycelium at home.

What is mycelium

Oyster mushroom mycelium is a mycelium, which must be planted in the substrate. In suitable conditions, it will begin to germinate and give its harvest. There are two options for how to get the mycelium of fungi at home. To do this, you can use grain or wood. Most often mushroom growers make cereal mycelium. To do this, apply the uterine culture on the grass substrate.

For the second option, you will need to prepare wooden sticks. This method is practiced in cases where the mushrooms will be grown on stumps or logs. Mycelium grown on sticks, has a strong immunity and is rarely subjected to various diseases. Moreover, when propagated in this way, the material has a longer shelf life.

How to grow mycelium

Growing mycelium occurs in 3 stages:

  1. Mycelium uterine. Such material is propagated in specially equipped laboratories. This requires disputes that are stored in test tubes. Abroad this process is strictly controlled and checked for compliance with the strain. But in Russia this is simpler and they do not carry out selection work. As a source material, you can use not only spores, but also pieces of tissue of the fungus itself. This method is practiced less frequently, but no less effective.
  2. Mycelium is intermediate. This is the name of the material that is transferred from the tubes to a specially prepared nutrient base. Specifically, the intermediate material is a ready-made culture that is used to make the mycelium of the seed.
  3. Seed mycelium. At this stage, the material is transferred to the substrate for further growth of fungi. It can also be used as a stock culture. This means that you can re-grow a mycelium from seed. To do this, use a cereal substrate.


Of course, to grow oyster mushrooms at home, you need to create the right conditions. The highest quality product can be grown in a special laboratory. But if you do everything according to the instructions, then a pretty good mycelium can be obtained at home. Few people have a specially equipped laboratory at home. But its presence is not necessary. The main thing is to have gas, electricity and running water in the room.

Then you will need the necessary equipment and fixtures. Be sure to purchase a thermometer, several pipettes, glass test tubes, agar and tweezers. As you can see, most devices will serve you for a long time. So you need to make a one-time investment, and then just buy materials as needed.

Important! For the cultivation of mycelium is necessary to create a sterile environment.

It is difficult to imagine, but there are at least 5,000 microorganisms per square meter of space. Often this number can rise to 20,000. Therefore, it is very important to take care of sterility and disinfection. The workplace should simply sparkle, otherwise all efforts can go down the drain.

There are 2 options for how to grow oyster mushroom mycelium at home:

  1. Full growth cycle. The first method involves performing all the steps described above. For starters take spores or a piece of the body of the fungus. Then uterine culture is derived from it, from which intermediate is subsequently obtained, and then seed.
  2. Shortcut way. In this case, get ready mycelium and independently grow mushrooms.

The first stage - the cultivation of uterine culture

To grow uterine mycelium, you must prepare fresh oyster mushrooms. As mentioned above, the material can be obtained from part of the fungus itself. So, the oyster mushroom needs to be cut in half, and then cut a small piece in the upper part of the leg. Next you need to put a piece of oyster mushroom in a special nutrient medium. However, the fungus must be completely sterile. Therefore, it should be placed in peroxide for a couple of seconds. Then the test tube with a nutrient medium is held above the flame and immersed in it a prepared piece of fungus. The test tube cork is burned over a fire and the glass container is properly closed.

Attention! The closed tube must be moved very carefully. They take it not by the cork itself, but by two hands, holding simultaneously the tube and the cork.

After done the tube with the material should be shifted to a dark place. The air temperature in it should be around = 24 ° C. After a few weeks, the finished material can be planted in the substrate.

It may also be asked how to make a suitable nutritional basis for growing uterine culture? So, it is also very easy to do with your own hands. To prepare a special environment fit different types of agar:

  • oat;
  • potato-glucose;
  • carrot;
  • wort agar.

This medium is poured into tubes that need to be sterilized. Then they are set slightly tilting. This is done so that the culture medium has more space. When the medium has cooled completely, it will be possible to add a prepared piece of fungus.

Important! In the process of growing uterine medium, it is necessary to monitor sterile purity. Clean should be not only the equipment and the room, but also your hands. Before work, be sure to disinfect the work surface, and the necessary equipment is kept above the burner.

The second stage - dilution of the intermediate mycelium

Next, go to the breeding of mycelium. Intermediate mycelium is most often grown using cereal grains. Proven and high-quality grains pour water in a ratio of ½. Then they boil for about a quarter of an hour. After that, the grain must be dried and combined with calcium carbonate and gypsum.

Then the mixture is filled with a glass container at 2/3. Next, it is sterilized and add nutrient medium (a couple of pieces). Intermediate mycelium can grow in a couple of weeks. You can keep such a mycelium for quite some time. In suitable conditions, it will stand for up to three months. In the room for oyster mushrooms, the temperature should not be lower than 0 ° C and not higher than +20 ° C.

Tip! If necessary, the intermediate mycelium can be distributed into packets and stored in this form.

Now we have come to the most important stage - the production of sown mycelium. Intermediate material that is an active culture can be used immediately or divided several times. It all depends on what purpose oyster mushrooms are grown. If for yourself, it is better to gradually grow young fresh mushrooms.

The last stage - the production of seed mycelium

Oyster mushroom mycelium at this stage looks like a lush white bloom. He already has a rather pleasant smell of fresh mushrooms. Growing seed occurs in the same way as the production of intermediate mycelium. Cooked white bloom placed in a jar with the substrate and wait for the mycelium to grow. In the liter capacity add only one spoon (table) of the intermediate material.

Attention! Grown oyster mushroom mycelium can be planted on hemp or logs. Also for the production of mushrooms use plastic bags.


Growing oyster mushroom mycelium at home is a rather painstaking business that requires a lot of time and patience. However, you will get quality material, made with your own hands, and you will not worry whether your mushrooms will grow or not. As you can see, anyone can grow oyster mushrooms at home. Production technology does not require expensive materials and equipment. The cultivation process takes place almost without human intervention. And you can plant mycelium on ordinary stumps or logs.